Tuesday, October 12, 2010


[1.1] What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Making your website familiar with search engines such like Google is called Search Engine Optimization. In these days search engine optimization is getting popularity, due to increasing online business. Every body on the internet want to appear up online and compete with others and so the need search engine optimization arrives. Hiring a seo(search engine optimizer) is necessary and most important if you want to grow your business online and increase sales and popularity of your company.

[1.2]How Search Engines Work?

Working algorithm of search engines is very simple to understand. Big search engines like Google and Yahoo have their automatic bots/crawler/spider that crawl your website pages and include them in their database. This process of storing pages in their database is called cache. When a user put any keywords in the search engine find out the match and display the related data. Crawler are programmed which surf the page and find links on that page and follow them and index the whole site.

[1.3]What is Search Engine Ranking?

Search Engine Ranking is the process in which Search Engines brings the websites on the specific keywords searched by users in the query search box. Ranking is define on the basis of many factors of a website i.e. on-page and off-page analysis.

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